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Facts about upcoming Wrestlemania XXX:

- If the card doesn’t change, this will be the WrestleMania with the least singles matches since WrestleMania 2000.

- If Daniel Bryan beats Triple H, this will be the first WrestleMania not main evented by Undertaker, Triple H or John Cena since WrestleMania XIX.

- This is the first time the Divas Championship will be defended at WrestleMania. The last time the Women’s Championship was defended was at WrestleMania 23. This is also the first Divas match without celebrity involvement since WrestleMania XXVI.

- For the first time ever, John Cena is neither competing for a championship nor in the main event.

- If you count his Sunday Night Heat match on WrestleMania XIX, this is Kane’s 17th WrestleMania match. He has not missed one since debuting in 1997.

- 6 out of the 8 matches scheduled have a 2nd or 3rd generation wrestler participating.

The writing is on the wall! #Facebook

At #Facebook HQ in London today! #Goodtimes

I’m instagramming from the #Instagram office! #socialmedia

Sad day - he really was 2 fast and 2 furious. #paulwalker #fast&furious

#sourpatchkids Heads & Bodies limited edition. Sour Sweet GONE! #soursweetgone #sourpatch

Bringing a whole new kind of motivation to your workout! Zombies Run places you in the middle of a zombi infested world where you must run to stay alive. Earn achievements and find items as you cover distances, and listen to the story unfold as you help a town survive.  It’s a niche app, but if you’re looking to make more of your morning run, then this is worth the investment.  

Available for iPhone £2.49/$3.99

The tower defence genre may have skyrocketed in popularity in the last couple of years, but only one title has truly captured the attention of both casual and hardcore gamers, and this is it!  One of the funniest and most addictive apps ever with plenty of long-term appeal.  

Available for iPhone and iPad £1.99/$2.99


42 Amazing Maps to help you understand our world better (by vlogbrothers)

(via DiggVideos)

The size of Africa always gets me.  I know it’s bigger than it looks, but not matter how often I hear it, it amazes me!  

Guaranteed to make you feel hungry after only a few minutes of browsing, Great British Chefs will also try its best to turn you into a kitchen master.  Its superb recipes, detailed videos and excellent expert advice make it a great app for cooks of all levels.  A great companion for you in the kitchen.  

Available for iPhone and iPad £2.99/$4.99

Bloomberg is a must for city traders and anyone with an interest in stocks and shares.  With wonderful visual aids and stylish menus, this pulls in data from all corners of the web to bring you up-to-date analysis and financial info.  This app will empower your stock knowledge.  

Available for iPhone & iPad for free

Few creative apps offer the wide range of tools and applications that Procreate can boast with a perfect combination of depth and ease of use. Paints, inks and abstract shapes are available, each with customisation options, so you can achieve the effect you’re looking for.  If you’re itching to sketch or paint a masterpiece on your iPad, then download this now!  

Available for iPad £2.99/$4.99

This augmented reality app enables you to explore the stars, planets and constellations in the night sky in real-time in order to track their movements and alignments. There is a staggering amount of information to be learnt.  It’s like a pocket-sized Patrick Moore. 

Available for iPhone £1.99/$2.99

This app allows you to test the quality of your vision through a series of tests involving Astigmatism, Duochrome, Colour and far-field vision.  It also includes quizzes, an optician finder, and plenty more.  With all that it’s hard to argue that you shouldn’t get it, especially as it’s free. 

Available for free for iPhone & iPad

Track your fitness, get pep talks, instant feedback, and even start competitive challenges with your friends all through this one app.  When it comes to fitness programs, Endomondo is the most social experience you’ll get from a fitness app. 

Available for free on iOS and Android.